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administration and finance department

a springboard for performance

A true business partner for operational employees, the Administration and Finance Department plays an important role in the implementation of improvement measures. Furthermore, it is by instilling a new performance objective for Galeries Lafayette that the Administration and Finance Department has positioned itself as a guarantor of the company's assets, ensuring that it complies with all laws and regulations. This work also contributes to ensuring the satisfaction of all "internal customers".

Control activities

Our work covers a very broad range of activities. Strategic Planning establishes the company's broad strategies for the next three years. Business and Administrative Management, which notably includes financial control, provides control of the margin. All teams work closely with the legal division and the organisation, which fall within the scope of the Administration and Finance Department.

Testimonial - Director of Financial Management

Meeting challenges
"I come from a family of business people and customer satisfaction has always fascinated me. I share the Group's mindset. I enjoy being part of the new challenges that the Business Line faces every day. My team and I act as business partners, helping operational employees to find the best solutions. I am very inquisitive and I love to study problems so I can find the smartest financial solution."


Karim Salakdji, Director of Financial Management

Testimonial - Purchasing Financial Controller

Driven by diversity
"My main assignments? Analysing the performance of the brands represented in our stores as part of the Sales Department, and helping the purchasing groups with their strategy. I chose this job because I am passionate about retail and the Group offers a unique range of products. Our uniqueness as a multi-specialist has allowed me to work in various sectors, from textiles to beauty through food, jewellery, and more. A great way to increase my knowledge and versatility!"


Josselin Grégoire, Purchasing Financial Controller

Testimonial - Senior Lawyer

A commitment to a collective endeavour
"My daily goal is to ensure legal certainty for the company's activities. I offer support to all operational employees, offering concrete solutions to reconcile compliance with laws and regulations with business requirements in pursuit of their objectives. Practising as a lawyer in a structure where dozens of industries and professions are represented requires working with many teams and understanding their needs. One of the main qualifications for this job: adaptability!"


Soly Lacascade, Senior Lawyer