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A gourmet touch in the world of fashion

The Food and Catering Department manages and develops Lafayette Gourmet and the Restaurants. Both activities are essential for ensuring the Group stands out. Guided by changing fashions, the teams work every day to express current trends in food and provide lively eating areas for their customers.
Creating new concepts, inventing new recipes, offering a comprehensive and diverse selection with a mix of high-quality and affordable products... no stone is left unturned when it comes to attracting customers.

A wide variety of business activities

The Operations Manager ensures proper management of the business and achievement of sales targets. He or she manages all the operational teams in conjunction with the Catering Manager who supervises on the ground.
The role of the Chef de Rang is to manage all those who provide customer service: The Commis Waiter and Self-Service Restaurant Staff. Behind the scenes, the Head Chef provides quality cuisine along with the rest of his or her team: Chef, Production Employee, Commis Chef, Kitchen Porter and Deliveries Manager.

Testimonial - Catering Operations Manager

"I know all the ins and outs of my job, I have worked in all aspects of the Catering service. I have been a chef, waiter and maître d'hôtel, which allows me to provide a real expertise to my team of 40 people. The specificity of my job is that we are in a Department Store, a leader of fashion, we have to be up to scratch! It means we are part of a whole dynamic and we must always be on the lookout for trends, sourcing ideas abroad, finding new concepts... our customers are fond of everything new and their satisfaction is our priority."


Daniel Boucheron, Catering Operations Manager