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The art of anticipation

The role of the Safety & Security Department is to make sure business can run smoothly and without incident. It has two main tasks: monitoring and reacting to malicious acts (security) and involuntary accidents of human, material or natural origin (safety). Constantly alert to any behaviour or actions that may affect the integrity of persons and property, the teams anticipate situations and react accordingly to ensure a high-quality service relationship.

Responsiveness and accuracy

Organisational skills, discipline and high standards are the three main qualities required in the Safety and Security Department. Under the supervision of the Store Director, the Safety Manager is responsible for combating shrinkage, ensuring the safety of staff and customers, all while protecting goods and premises. A manager on the ground, the Safety Manager ensures the implementation of legislation and provides staff training. In the field, the Security Guard inspects facilities, monitors store access points and triggers interventions in accordance with incidents.

Testimonial - SIC (safety, investigations and controls) Manager

A passion for the job
"I have been working for Galeries Lafayette for 8 years, I have learned a lot and am still learning every day! My role is varied and it allows me to be in contact with people from different sectors. I manage a team of 13 security guards to ensure the safety of people and property. Along with the sales advisors, I supervise inventory searches. And I work with staff in-store to train them in safety/security procedures. At all levels, I like to meet employees who are passionate, like me!"


Alexandre Nafati, SIC (safety, investigations and controls) Manager