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Retailers at heart

At Galeries Lafayette and BHV MARAIS, selling is what we do best. Promoting our products, adding drama to our retail spaces, knowing our customers, meeting their needs, and developing the business efficiency and profitability of each store are all important parts of our retail strategy. While the Business Line's marketing strategy is systematically applied, the organisation and business policy are adapted according to the type of store: flagship stores, stores with high potential in cities of over 400,000 inhabitants, the "challengers" in cities of 100 to 200,000 inhabitants and "concept stores" in smaller cities.

Career development

The Sales division offers a variety of career development opportunities. The role of the in-store Sales Advisor is a chance to get to know the business better and understand customer relationships within a specific scope. This function can evolve into that of Sales Manager to lead a team of salespeople. The Department Manager covers an entire sector and supervises between 4 and 10 Sales Managers. The Store Director manages all business activities of the site and ensures customer satisfaction. As a key interface with the central Departments, he or she guarantees the results of the store.

Testimonial - Director of Galeries Lafayette Berlin

Going international!
"For me, the desire for excellence is the value that motivates me the most. As the Director of the Berlin store, my role is to promote the image of Galeries Lafayette in Germany. We are constantly trying to adapt our range and our retail strategy based on local conditions. Knowing our customers is essential. It is exciting to discover a new culture. Cultural diversity is also present within our teams. I manage 25 nationalities!"


Vincent Senecat, Director of Galeries Lafayette Berlin

Testimonial - Department Manager

"I am responsible for deploying our sales policy on a level with customers and I report back on any specific features of the store to help improve the sales policy..."


Arnaud Attar, Department Manager

Testimonial - Director of Operations

At the heart of the store
"Under the responsibility of the Network Manager, I am involved in the development, monitoring and coordination of the strategy for the "Challenger" format stores. I spend a lot of time in-store in contact with customers and teams. I enjoy this close relationship because the best place to learn is on the job! It is a great way to keep our ear to the ground... It's very rewarding to always be innovative and find the best solutions. As someone who is passionate about the world of department stores, it is a true pleasure every day."


Aline Ricau, Director of Operations