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Supply Chain/Logistics

A multi-specialist and multi-market structure

The Supply Chain has one commitment: to ensure the customer encounters a product in the right place, at the right time, and at an attractive price. To pursue this overriding objective, the Supply Chain is positioned within the company as a "multi-market multi-specialist". Involved in all processes that affect the life cycle of a product (the creation of a model through to its sale), the Supply Chain coordinates and synchronises all the people involved in the commodity chain, with a very diverse range of products (fashion, beauty, home, etc.) and different types of brands (market brands, luxury brands, our own labels).

The control tower for the commodity chain

The Supply Chain revolves around four major activities. First and foremost, transport and logistics through to delivery to store or to the customer. In charge of stock control and supply, the Supply Chain acts as a "control tower" for the commodity chain, ensuring the quality of processes and measuring performance, from supplier to store. The Methods and Projects division manages development and continuous improvement within the commodity chain.

Testimonial - Logistics Project Manager

"With a vocational training qualification as a maintenance engineer, I started working part-time on a fixed-term contract and eventually became Operations Manager. I have gained a lot of confidence and am passionate about managing people well. Most of the time I am in the field with my team checking products received, samples and controls. For the Gourmet activity alone, we handle 4 million items a year! Our goal: customer satisfaction. That is why when a store orders a product from us, we strive to respond as quickly as possible."


Jean-Marc Baude, Logistics Project Manager