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Recruitment and integration

Recruiting customer-orientated candidates for our core business activities, sourcing experts particularly in growing activities (e-commerce, international, specialised concepts, etc.), identifying talent that can adapt to changes in our business activities and have the potential to progress... The objectives of our recruitment policy, along with training, address our mission to increase the expertise, professionalism and performance of the Department Stores Business Line. To achieve this, we are honing our ability to identify and attract the right candidates on a daily basis, and most importantly, to support their first steps in the company, in particular through personalised induction plans.

Attract, identify and recruit

A trend spotter by trade, the Department Stores Business Line has shown itself to be just as good at spotting talent.
By deploying its employer visibility at national and local level, and even internationally, the Business Line is enhancing its appeal to potential applicants, for example through participation in job fairs and recruitment forums, partnerships with target schools, an online presence on job sites and professional social networks. The sourcing strategy implemented also capitalises on a qualified pool of applicants. The recruitment process ensures optimal efficiency with a "Sourcing, Recruitment and Mobility" team that provides advice to business activity managers upstream, involves operational employees in the selection of applicants and optimises decision-making (3 to 4 interviews maximum).

Successful integration

An essential step in the recruitment process and a real tool for motivation and employee retention, the induction of new employees has an impact on their involvement and success in the job. When they start, personalised support is provided for a defined period: a dedicated online platform, welcome kit, a group introductory day on the Business Line and its organisation, a career path tailored to the activity and employee profile (meetings, training, gradual increase in responsibility, etc.), a "feedback/observations report" written by the employee.