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Supporting and anticipating change

Patterns of consumption are changing, customers are becoming more knowledgeable and more demanding... In this new context, we must necessarily adapt our business activities and our organisations, support talent, anticipate change and prepare for the future. This is the purpose of our Human Resources policy. Processes and tools have thus been deployed in all areas of Human Resources (recruitment, integration, career management, training, etc.) with clear objectives: source the right talent, enhance the skills of our employees, increase efficiency, optimise our practices, all while maintaining the agility required for our business and the passion that drives our teams. In the end, everyone is a key player in their own career, guided by an operational manager and supported by HR experts. Their challenge: to make personal successes a catalyst for collective success.

Welcome: Recruitment and integration

Recruiting customer-orientated people for our core business activities, sourcing experts particularly in growing activities (e-commerce, international, specialised concepts, etc.), identifying talent that can adapt to changes in our business activities and have the potential to progress... The objectives of our recruitment policy, along with training, address our mission to increase the expertise, professionalism and performance of the Department Stores Business Line. To achieve this, we are honing our ability to identify and attract the right candidates on a daily basis, and most importantly, to support their first steps in the company, in particular through personalised induction plans.

Career Paths: Careers and mobility

Dynamic management of its human resources means the Department Stores Business Line can offer exciting career prospects, both for new employees and for those already in the company. Talents are being recognised and detected, internal promotion is being favoured, and the employability of staff is being developed. Career options are tailored to the aspirations of each individual, in line with the objectives of the Business Line. The idea is also to prepare for the future, identifying the right people for key positions.

Support: Training

Given the transformations with which the Department Stores Business Line is continuously faced, skills development is a source of performance for the business and a means of career progression for employees. Our corporate university, "Lafayette Académie", is an essential tool to support the development of our business activities and our key strengths: assisting in the achievement of objectives, promoting internal mobility, helping with starting a new job, transfer of expertise, etc. This should allow everyone to play a role in their own success and contribute to change, to build their career and develop their potential.

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HR Manager - Galeries Lafayette Strasbourg

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Senior Marketing Project Manager

Marie-Anne Lepelletier Roux

Director of Architecture and Fittings

Josselin Grégoire

Purchasing Financial Controller

Arnaud Attar

Department Manager - Galeries Lafayette

Aline Ricau

Director of Operations

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