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Careers Paths

Career Paths: Careers and mobility

Dynamic management of its human resources means the Department Stores Business Line can offer exciting career prospects, both for new employees and for those already in the company. Talents are being recognised and detected, internal promotion is being favoured, and the employability of staff is being developed. Career options are tailored to the aspirations of each individual, in line with the objectives of the Business Line. The idea is also to prepare for the future, identifying the right people for key positions.

Prospects open to all

The Business Line has adopted human resource and management processes to promote mobility, a tool for career progression and mobility. Annual appraisals allow managers to identify employees' career aspirations and training preferences. The Development Committee gives the Business Line a certain visibility of its internal resources for detection of potential and possible future progression. The mobility policy aims to boost the process with for example, the publication of all vacancies on Mobijob, the internal employment and mobility platform that allows all employees to apply.