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Our Beliefs

Department Stores: the 5-point strategy

The Department Stores Business Line of the Galeries Lafayette Group (BHV MARAIS and Galeries Lafayette) deploys a strategy based on five key principles, to be: "Retailers" by constantly surprising the customer and offering the best choice of products; Multi-specialists in lifestyles (fashion/ready-to-wear, accessories, beauty, watches, jewellery, interiors, food, etc.); working for the Brands (premium brands, designer brands, our own brands...); Multi-channel by developing new shopping experiences and services in-store and online; International, exporting our French excellence by opening stores in cities with high potential.



Customer culture

In the Department Stores Business Line, customers are our passion; an obsession, even. This is illustrated by the sense of service shared by all of our staff, in all our business activities, and in the products and the projects we develop. For example, the "Fashion Loyalty Scheme" which tracks purchases, or the "Customer Culture" training course that by 2014 will strengthen the customer-centric conduct of 10,000 employees. The goal is always to know our customers better and enhance the personalised nature of our products and services.

Constantly reinventing ourselves

Ever the trend forecasters, Galeries Lafayette and LE BHV MARAIS have always managed to successfully innovate and reinvent themselves. This mindset is reflected in-store, where the range of brands and products is increasingly varied and constantly renewed. In terms of service, it's the same approach! The "omni-channel" offer also helps us to create new customer experiences: shopping using your mobile, the "Click and Collect" service, in-store ordering via an interactive kiosk for home delivery or at the point of sale, and so on.

Fashion without borders

More than ever, the Department Stores Business Line is reinforcing its international aspirations in order to export and share its expertise and glamorous image. After the opening of Galeries Lafayette in 1996 in Berlin, deployment continued with Dubai in 2009, Casablanca in 2011 then Jakarta and Beijing in 2013. Soon we will be making our mark in Istanbul, Doha and more. Truly taking fashion beyond our borders.